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plaY-room’s primary function is to offer support services to its members. The majority are department stores as are a number of independent toy retailers, though more than 50 garden centres are also members.

plaY-room however, does extend these services to other independent toy retailers who are not members of AIS in order to maximise critical mass.

The benefits of membership are as follows:

  1. Central invoicing function with beneficial terms for more than 120 top toy suppliers.
  2. Access to import programmes consisting of approx 500 higher margin lines at member only shows twice a year.
  3. Marketing, newsletters, promotions and marketing information.


Annual Trade Show

In April plaY-room host the 'Independent Toy & Gift' show at Cranmore Park Conference and Events Centre. This is always well received by members, exhibitors, independent toy and gift retailer visitors and the press.

This show is open to all independent retail buyers of toys and childrens gifts even if they are not members of plaY-room.